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Automotive Body Repair [DEP1590 hrevening14 months]



Motor vehicle body repairers perform various tasks in body shops, from realigning automobile frames and chassis, to sanding auto parts and preparing a vehicle for painting. They must therefore be versatile and meticulous workers.

Body workers are employed by independent garages and body shops, car dealers, companies specialized in the sale and service of heavy vehicles (buses and trucks) and aircraft manufacturers. Their duties include removing dents, sanding, and masking car parts before painting.

Supervisors in body shops coordinate all the operations. They also provide customer service and repair estimates. They assign the work to be done and make sure that it is well done.


  Desirable qualities and skills

• Patience and perseverance

• Meticulousness, dexterity and concentration

• Good eyesight and hearing

• Physical endurance

• Concern for a job well done

• Ability to work with speed

• Ability to work in awkward positions

• Ability to work independently

• Good colour and shape perception


Work clothes and safety equipment: $250
Service fees and equipment: $560
Optional Equipment*: $70

Prices are approximate and subject to change without notice. From the first week of classes you will receive a detailed list of expenses. * Equipment Optional equipment may be purchased at prices schools. These facilities become the property of the student.